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I'm a co-signer of my daughter's loan, got a letter from CA that it went into default. I called them and they were being impossible with the payment plans which I can't handle. I decided to call the Creditor and paid the default amount and starting to make regular monthly payment that required, but I still getting calls from CA. Can I use the Cease and Desist letter on CA and tell them i'm making payments to the Creditor.

Somebody messed up at your guarantors office, the creditor as you called them. When you default, the ENTIRE balance is in default...there are NO regular monthly payments. When an account is assigned to a CA, the creditor is NOT permitted to interfere or set up payment plans ....under the contract that the creditor signs with collection agency this is a big NO NO. Your payment is being sent to the CA as a "pay direct" so they know payments are being made. Under the terms of your prom note, your balance is still due in cease and desist the CA, the account will most likely be sent to a law firm to be sued upon.

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