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I had order $11.18 worth of service from I paid them online via electronic check. They waited 5 days to cash it and during that time another collection agency pretty much cleaned out my account without permission. Before I could even contact to set up a payment I had Certegy calling me.

The day they called the wanted $36!!! So in less than a week my bill tripled. Meanwhile, every day I kept having $11.18 trying to be debited. Since my account was already overdrawn from the other collection agency my statement looked like this.

Debit -$11.18 (Insufficient Funds)
NSF Free -$32.00

I was thinking it was but when I talked to the lady at Certegy she said that it was them. Well, I NEVER authorized certegy to take money out of my bank account.

I told her I'd be happy to pay them if they stop pulling money from my bank account every day. She said no chance, that they would keep trying until they got the money.

So here I am with $224 a WEEK coming out just in fees from certegy causing NSF fees and they wouldn't let up.

I eventually had to close my account and open a new one. Now they are calling every day and they want almost $100 on an $11 debt!!!!

I'm trying to get my credit straightened out, but I'm ready to tell them to shove it. I NEVER gave the authorization to debit my account.

They said that they run checks for and that they have every right to do it. I told them the contract I signed said would be withdrawing the money, not certegy.

She said that I'd never be able to write a check again, that I'm going to go to jail for writing a bad check, that I'll never get another job with them on my credit, that I'll never open another bank account. I was in tears.

I'm working on paying down my debts, but this one is just really killing me. $11.18 already cost me $224 in bank fees and now they want $100 more.

I'm not even sure what to do. I'm scared to give them my checking account info to pay it off. But they told me that they will NOT accept a money order that I have to do it by check over the phone. But seeing as how they like to debit your account daily with no permission, I don't see how giving them my checking info is safe.

What should I do?

What is aren't they just a site for setting up domain names? I am confused I guess I never paid any attention to the ads on tv about them. What were to you receive for $11.18?

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ladybug ladybug

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I make custom candle holders. So I set up a website for myself. the $11.18 was for the domain name and one month of shopping cart service.

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anc526 anc526

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Certegy is a company retailors and business owners hire to back up the checks they receive from customers. In other words, certegy paid the amount of that check to the retailor and are now trying to recoup thier money from you. They are butt heads! I wrote an article about them and posted it somewhere in this community.

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Shazzers Shazzers
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