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Statute of limitations-Pennsylvania
The statute of limitations in Pennsylvania is four years for credit card debt.
I previously had a Dell account that was charged-off in November 2008. The account was tossed around to a few collection agencies. Currently Financial Recovery Services has the account.
The original balance was 2500. I have paid about 1000. FRS says I owe another 1500. I did call Dell about this account. Dell reports that 1100 are in fees. I told FRS, I would pay another 500 towards the account. However FRS wants the full amount.
My question is the following; how do I contest the balance?
I pulled my credit report(s) all three copies! This account does "not" show up on any of my reports!

Should I continue paying the FRS? Not sure how to proceed?

If you have not made a payment since before nov 2008, the debt is out of SOL and would be time barred....meaning they cannot sue you. Tell them to get lost and send a cease and desist letter

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I paid directly to the collection agency until September 2012.

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