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I just got off the phone with CHASE trying to settle my account. The person was really nice, but she offered 90% of my total debt. She went 80, 70, etc until she reached 50% and said that it was as low as she could go and that she believed that it would not get accepted. She asked me about income and mortgage etc. I did give her some info, but now I'm thinking that I shouldn't have done so. Is that right? She ended by saying that she would call me back to let me know if it has been accepted. Do they really call back? Is 50% a good deal for CHASE? I have read lower settlements but I'm not sure if 50% is good for CHASE. Did I do anything right? wrong? Please....any comments will help!

I settled with Chase for 51% three years ago on a 19K CC balance. This was as good a settlement as I could get. I doubt they will go lower.

You would need the money in a lump sum if you are going to settle.

I'm trying to get Citibank down to 50% or 55% but they want 70% - 75%.

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