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There is a call I keep receiving on job from this company. I've tried looking up name and phone, but nothing comes back. They claim that I filed a police report for an unauthorized transaction on my account (BofA). That account has been closed for about two years now and I never filed a police report.

They stated they called the Los Angeles Police Department to obtain a copy of this report and they told them there was no report. Said that if I didn't call they would sign off as intent to defraud a financial institution for internet wire transfer fraud and protest my check.

Has anyone heard of these people before? They of course left no information.

Thank you

Who is calling you?? Phone number??

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The name of the company is listed above. First it was a Paul Jones who asked for a police report that I allegedly supposedly filed in the county (none given). Said he needed. Then I received a call from a Jane Allen who said she was a Supervisor in Fraud Investigations Dept. The number was 888-909-2691. I tried to google/yahoo them and nothing comes up.

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Yes same people calling me over Sandpoint Capital!!! Watch out they send employment verification to your Human Resource Department, then call and yell at them for not filling it out..

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drumersgal drumersgal

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Thanks drumergal for replying. I have no idea who they are and not sure if its for the company you mentioned (Sandpoint). Never done business with them. They've stopped calling but now having these unidentifiable numbers calling. (6303, 000000, unknown). No voice mail just constant calling.

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Hi, How do you know this company is a scam? Do you have any proof or evidence of this because if you do, please reveal it to me..I need it! Thanks!

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The lady who called my hr department was American..She was very polite. And I did have a outstanding loan at Sandpoint Capital. None the less I now have people calling me saying I have committed bank fraud???

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nobody calls to tell you that you commited a crime which fraud them,and ignore them.

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