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Checksmart keeps calling me and my family!

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I honestly don't know how to handle these people as virtually every path I've taken for a Debt that isn't even mine is not working. I came across this site online while searching for solutions.

here's my story.

about a month ago I started getting calls from a 866 number. Generally I don't answer numbers that are 800 or 866 as I think they're selling something. but the calls kept coming. So I answered the phone and someone on the other end who was extremely rude claimed I owed them $500. I told them no I never took out a pay day loan as i'm self employed. they called me a liar so I hung up. It appears that someone has used my number and possibly name to sign up with a payday loan and not pay it back. I have suspicions as my house was broken into in september and among my things that were taken were my old cell phone and a check book (which the account has been closed)

I filed a complaint against the FTC, my state attorney general, the CFSA and the ACA. none of this seemed to help as i'm still being harassed. I found out tonight that they even called my sister about this as she asked me if I had taken out a payday loan. They even disclosed to her what the call was about, financial details of the fake payday loan etc which I know is against the Fair debt collection act.

So I dont' know what to do, they keep harassing me, I've filed lord knows how many complaints and lord knows how many letters I mailed they just won't stop harassing me and now my family.

any suggestions?

Whenever you plan to file a complaint against a collection agency make sure your complaint contains the following

  • The registered name of the collection agency
  • name and identification of the representative calling on behalf of the agency
  • collector identification number

Along with this information you should also attach a documented copy of the conversation held between you and the representative (just find out whether recording the conversation is permitted in your state or not)pertaining harassment.

Have you had mentioned all this information in your previous complaints? if not try to resend it again with all the information. I'm sure that what they are doing is strictly against the laws.

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tweetyturner tweetyturner

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Well, its me again...:D I just stumbled upon a piece of information and think it might gonna help in your case. So here it is...

The Better Business Bureau is another place where you can file complaint against the problematic collection agencies. Also you can knock the door of

Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority
Phone: 604.320.1667 Fax: 250.920.7181
Toll Free in BC: 888.564.9963

Hope the inputs help.

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tweetyturner tweetyturner

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Checksmart is a payday loan company and they do their own collections. If you need an address for them, I can get you their corporate address. If you have never taken out a payday loan from them, I advise you to call the cops. Someone has stolen your identity then. I know the Checksmart offices in Columbus Ohio takes your picture when you take out a payday loan, so that may be proof enough its not you. Have you ever notice a check from Checksmart bouncing on your old account?

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Ryan_N Ryan_N

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Good advice from you have a police report from the break-in? I wonder how they got your sisters number. :?

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volleyballmom volleyballmom

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I was wondering also, but they said they stole a old cell-phone. In my cell-phone my brother is listed as my brother and not by his name. Thats the only way I can think they have the name for a reference. I'm sure that Checksmart have a camera hooked up to their computers, so, it will be real easy to prove you are not the person. When you first sign up for Checksmart they take a photo picture of you from a web camera and your picture comes up every time you go into that store. Call the police and report this. It????????s easier now to take care of this because Checksmart doesn't craw back in their hole and disappear. Ignoring their phone calls will bring a court case as they sue people.

Also, they do not have to follow the FDCA laws as they are primary party and collections is done by their company.

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Ryan_N Ryan_N

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Also, they do not have to follow the FDCA laws as they are primary party and collections is done by their company.

good catch! fdcpa is not applicable to first party.

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volleyballmom volleyballmom

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Here is Checksmart Corporate Address

Buckeye Check Cashing Inc.
7001 Post Road
Dublin, Ohio 43016

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

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Ryan_N Ryan_N

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If you think this loan was taken out in Sept. When your house was broken into, you would have started getting calls long before now.They usually dont wait 7 months before calling. Did you notice this 500.00 in your account prior to closing it. If you closed it asap, they would not have been able to put the loan money in the account.

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kashzan kashzan

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1. Pull all of your credit reports and see what is up. I received a bunch of calls about someone who had a name similar to mine.
2. If identity theft, file a police report
3. If identity theft, use the police report to contact all of your credit bureaus and put a FREEZE not a fraud alert, a FREEZE on your report. As a victim of identity theft, you may be able to do this for free.
4. Send a return receipt requested letter to these clowns and tell them that this was identity theft and that you don't owe the debt and not to contact you again about it.
5. Dispute the item on your credit report using the police report.
6. Invest in a good fireproof wall safe (the cabinet kind). Yes, they are about $500 but when you get done with this, $500 will seem like a cake walk.

Good luck with this and let us know how it goes. Be firm, no one you will speak with will be happy about just forgetting it but you are within your rights to demand it off your credit and the collector goons to stop calling.

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Keep in mind that this may not even have anything to do with the break in, that could just be a coincidence. I would contact Checksmart again, speak to a supervisor and inform them that you never took out any payday loan. Ask then to provide you with everything they have on this account. I can't imagine that they would refuse you, but who knows?

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goldenbast goldenbast
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