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Citi Financial Loan...can they take you to court?

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I have a personal loan with citi-financial (local branch). I have about 1400 left to pay. For the past few months our income has been cut dramaticly. We continue to pay, but late. In the past when we got behind they would threaten us with small claims court. Can they threaten you with court? If they are serious, how do you know they are serious or pulling your chain?

When you say late; how late? If you are not paying as agreed then you are breeching the contract, and yes they can take you to court.

Try going into the local branch which you applied and see if they have a hardship program.

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StoneBroke StoneBroke

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We owe for the month of April yet. I would pay them, but the money is not there. I do try to let them know what is going on. They have already lowered interest rates and stretched the loan out.

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I know for a fact they do actively file in small claims court...friend of mine is going thru it right now with them.

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To answer your question can they sue you, the answer is yes. Citi-financial local branchs are agressive. Like the previous comment mentioned though if you don't have money, you don't have money. I would try to pay them whenever you can. If you are paying and even 30 days late, the creditor really doesn't have that much to worry about. You have done everything you can about expressing your hardship. By the way what state do you reside? I ask this because some states cannot garnish consumers which defeats the purpose of taking comsumers to court accept to place a jugdment on your credit score.

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I am in TX. We are selling our it isn't the mortg.'s the utilities and taxes here that eat our lunch! Hopefully when this house sells, we are able to pay them off. SHould I let them know that is the plan? If they place judgements on me, how does that work?

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spud321 spud321

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I have an auto loan with Citifianancial. A few times, I've been behind in payments. However, my local branch has REALLY helped me when I needed help. it a 'personal' loan you have with them? Why don't you see if you can re-finance your loan,..OR..make a few % payments until you get the loan caught up? I know with % payments, you can do 4 of them per year.

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sdchargers_63 sdchargers_63

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is counsel for debt solutions a scam

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Some companies are yes. If you decide to go that route then please do your research on the company. There are good reliable companies out there.

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yes, they will. I was just a month behind on mine about a year ago and they filed a warrant in debt on me. I worked it out though before court. My payments are due on the 12th and by the 15th, they are calling even though I have a 7 day grace period, they told me last month they have to call now if they go past the due date. She even asked if we wanted to re-write the loan and skip a few payments, so maybe that could be an option for you.

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I have a home improvement loan and so far they've been great to work with. For me they do call if the payment is more than 5 days late but so far that's the only time they call. Even one time when my payment was a bit late I think about 8 or 9 days they called and offered a skip a payment option in case that would help us out and so we were able to do this by them sending us a paper we signed it and sent it back. Maybe this could help you out, I've always found them very easy to work with.


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johnita johnita

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