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First National Collection Bureau: How to deal with this collector

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Not to gloat - but I'm so glad I questioned the collection letter they sent on cc debt past the SOL.

It said a judgment was already awarded against me, but they were willing to give me a break - if I pay 60% of the debt in two payments they would clear my record. They even said "the lien would be removed". I'm no lawyer, but to me a lien is a hold against something of high value, like a house or car - how could they be awarded a lien on cc debt?

Anyway....I did my homework & there is no judgment and now First National will soon be cutting me a check for violating the fdcpa.

I have an attorney that is getting ready to file a lawsuit....and if First National was stupid enough to use this scare tactict on others it will be a class action suit.

Chalk one up for the little guy!

I also received a letter from this company with the delinquent account being assigned by Security Services, LLP with the original creditor being General Electric Capital. They also offered a 60% discount payable in 2 payments of ($64.63), with each payment due within 30 days of the pervious and they also misspelled previous. When I called the office the person who answered never even mentioned the company name. I had to ask if i had the correct number. The person told me it was an 11 year old debt. I have never delt with the company she mentioned before. It seems that this is a scam.

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Like others, i also have recieved a letter from this company (i live in Chicago) stating an owed balance on a Capital One Visa Card. I know something was fishy with this company, because i have never had nor have i ever opened an account with such card. This so called account is not even on my credit report, which i ran recently, nor from credit reports ran in the past. They claimed that this was from the year of 2001 and that several other agencies have tried to contact me regarding this. What made the red flags come to me, was that if i had opened this so called card, why wait until now to try to collect $1,893.00. When dealing with credit card, the will start to hound you within a month for a payment if you are late, so i know this company is full of SH@#. So now, i will be talking with a lawyer in order to file a lawsuit with them. We as individuals have enough things on our minds as it is like job security, gas prices, etc., and we dont need these @#@holes trying to use such fraud tactics to obtain our money.

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It could be simply a case of a mis-identified consumer. Before running to an attorney and wasting their time (from what you typed, you've got nothing), request they properly validate the debt.

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I'm glad I read your post. I have been receiving recorded calls nightly from them nightly. They way if you are not the person they are looking for just hang up. You do that and they call the next night anyway.
I finally called them today and got a very snotty lady. I asked her to take me off of her list since I was not the name she was looking for. She asked me to call back when I had a better attutide. If I continue getting calls I would like to join you in your suite.

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Forget the phone calls, send them a cease comm letter CMRRR and file complaints with the FCC, FTC, AG's in your state and theirs, the BBB and the ACA International.

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First National Collection Bureau, Inc., is subject to the Fair Debt Collection Act like anyone else. Their letter to me on an account that was closed 15 years ago is obviously a mistake that the bank, Western Federal Credit Union in Manhatten Beach, California, informs is correct! They are all in for a big surprise...

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Rather than add another verse to an old song and dance, can someone please tell me where I can endorce the Class Action against First National Collections Bureau, Inc., in sparks Nevada...

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I got a letter today from First National Collection Bureau stating that i owed 519.24. They said the original creditor was GE General Electric Corp, whom I have never had any kind of account with. I am so glad i google searched them and found all these scam reports!

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I'm currently sending them monthly payments to clear an old debt from 8 -10 years ago. Because I want to clean my credit report up and this has been hanging over my head for years, I agreed to pay them $50.00 to 100.00 a month but after watching a program about fraud collectors, I looked up their record reading the negative comments about them I wonder if i should continue paying. What should my next move be can you suggest anything. Foolish me.

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You shouldn't have paid them a dime, that debt should have been removed off of your credit report already. However, depending on your state, you may have re-aged the debt by agreeing to and paying on it. You can also sue them in Federal court for an FDCPA violation, demand a refund, and collect your $1,000 plus possible court costs and attorney fees, if you have documented evidence of them threatening to sue you over the debt (they can continue asking for it forever, but they cannot enforce collections in any manner after the SOL period).

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