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a collector called me last week from a restricted number finally left a message says that I owe a bill on a credit card that was opened in 2003 and closed in 2010 has not send me information and I called all 3 credit reports and there is nothing on the 3 reports with the last 4 numbers he gave me I paid a credit card we owed 8 years ago and over a year ago I paid another that we owed I was not aware about anything else in the amount he is saying I owe he has threated me with taking my wages and taking me to court yet has not send me any information don't know what to do

use any numbers and the name of the bottomfeeder(yes bottomfeeder)and report him to your local police first then your state AG,AND THE FTC.above all else ignore unwillingness to send a basic letter,and threats are the calling cards of the and ignore.

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