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What to do if contacted by a collection agency, which has been banned

Submitted by Billy on Mon, 07/25/2016 - 02:39

I have been contacted by a collection agency about a debt. But, I have found out that it has been banned. What should I do now?

Recently, more than 100 debt collection agencies are banned by the FTC. If you’re sure that the collection agency which contacted you is banned by the FTC, immediately hung up, don’t negotiate a settlement deal or pay a penny to them. If the collection agency still harasses you, file a complaint against them with the FTC.

Submitted by Phil Bradford on Fri, 07/29/2016 - 06:07

Phil Bradford

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This might be a fake collector. If you get another call, then tell the caller to send a written "validation letter"; otherwise, you'll not be interested in discussing the debt.

Contact your creditor and share the caller's detail to know whether or not the creditor has authorized the agency for collection. If the creditor denies, then report the fake call to your State attorney General's office.

Submitted by Sanders Patricia on Thu, 08/04/2016 - 05:41

Sanders Patricia

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