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Here's the scoop everyone and pay good attention! Cash Call is being pursued by 9 states now to remove them from doing business in them. Cash Call states they are run by the Sioux Tribe....wrong answer! When not paying for your debt with Cash Call they say they have sold your debt to Delbert Services. When calling Delbert Services after hours you get a voice mail that states you have reached Cash Call. Both are located in the same office in Las Vegas and both have a PO Box in Anaheim, CA. JP Reddem has his hands in both. Hum let's see. Cash Call's president it JP Reddem, Delbert Services director is JP Reddem, a horse called "I'll have another" is owned by JP Reddem! Add those up and you get predatory lending practices which is illegal! Stop paying on your Cash Call account the court records will show they were doing illegal business and it will be easy to remove it from your credit report.

DELBERT IS A CA!! If the debt was indeed sold, send delbert a cease and desist, telling them to eat dirt. If they were stupid enough to buy bad accounts, they dont deserve to collect a penny!!!

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I revoked my ach auth for delbert / sent them a cease and desist. They then converted the ach into a paper check and tried to deposit, it was returned as I have one small item I am waiting to clear and then I am closing the account. What is my liability for this returned payment? Is there any way they can come after me for a bad check?

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no they can' gave them no authorization to do that so again they can't.

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This is exactly why we always encourage people to shut down their old accounts connected to these have to understand that CashCall aka Delbert (same company) are scambling to collect what they can on these illegal loans before they are completely shut down. Their ship is sinking fast and they are doing anything they can. What state are you in? If you are in one that already has a C&D against them (22 states - not just 9), you need to alert the agency with the C&D in place about their new way of trying to collect monies by running a electronic check through instead of ACH. Oh, how I hope you are in

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I am in minnesota. If it is illegal do I have to pay? Cashcall sold it to delbert. The letter they sent said delbert is legal to collect in mn. Is that true? Can I just quit paying them by putting a stop payment and send aceast and desist?

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MN AG has taken action against them. You need to contact the MN AG's office and get instruction from them.

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I live in Illinois. In December 2012 I took out an online loan in the amount of $2,525 from Western Sky/Cash Call. Sometime in 2013 Delbert Services Corporation took over the loan.

I have made monthly ACH payments in the amount of $294.46 since January 2013. So far my payments have totaled $3,827.98.

On January 24, 2014 I sent Delbert a Cease and Desist letter via email. This was their response to me:

“Thank you for your correspondence. As of 1/24/14 your account has been placed in a cease and desist status. We have also received your request to stop your ACH automatic withdrawals and as of 1/24/14 your request has been processed. All communications from Delbert Services going forward will be communicated in writing through mail or email only. We have sent you a letter of Validation via USPS to further explain the legalities of your loan. Please understand that you are still responsible for the repayment of the loan. I would personally like to address any concerns that you may have regarding your loan. You may contact me directly at 714-221-3819.”

I don’t think that any of these businesses are/were licensed to do business in the state of Illinois. My initial thought was just to ignore them going forward, however, I have heard that Delbert is putting derogatory marks on people’s credit reports.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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The state of Illinois issued a C&D against Western Sky - Reply to Delbert with a copy of the order reminding them (in case they forgot). Also, contact the DFI and report them. Also, there are a couple of class actions in IL against them over these loans -- do your research and contact the attorneys and get your name on the list of victims. I have posted on the boards both letters to Delbert for just this type of situation and also a letter to send to the CRAs to dispute the illegal debt. Both Equifax and Experian are starting to investigate these accounts and are deleting them but you have to do your research and be persistent.

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momofthree27 momofthree27

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Also - FYI - Delbert is owned by CashCall -- they are not only acting as a CA but also are now acting as loan servicers due to the crackdown by various federal and states against CC.

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momofthree27 momofthree27

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does anyone have a letter to send to the credit beaura cash call just posted to my credit and the loan originated thru WS

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