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Lalibco and CRB - Are they scamming people?

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They say there charging me with checking fraud because they say they have me on tape saying a check number and some other info but the names differnent, soc. is differnent, and addresses was wrong. They threaten to call the police. and that its a felony. I havnt even recieved a letter cause they sent it to some other address. They say i have till friday to call and tell them weather im paying or not before they turn it over.What should i do?

First off, who told you this? was it a debt collector? What is the name and phone number of the company? What are they asking you to pay for, a debt, pay day loan?

If they are threatening to put you in jail just for not paying a bill, ignore them, do not call them and do not answer the phone. You cannot go to jail for not paying a bill. Most likely if it was a debt collector calling they are probably from India.

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Yeah this sounds life some type of scare tactic. And furthermore, they need to send official letters to your address if they really have something on you. Also you have a right to demand that they stop calling and correspond with you only by mail if they keep harassing you.

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Richard Brooks Richard Brooks

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Thanks for the help they said there name was "collection recovery buearu of sylvania, OH" and the number was 419-517-0061 no company name or anything, I live in Mi thou. They said it was debt paid for by check but i dont even have a checking account.

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I contacted the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) 1-877-382-4357 today re: a letter I received a few days ago from CRB. I also reported the telephone conversations with their collector. I was told by FTC that because of the nature of my complaint, they have violated 3 areas of the Third Party Debt Collection Act. FTC has investigators that will look to see if CRB has a pattern for this type of 'harassment', will fine them if they are guilty, and if there are enough individuals with the same type of complaints, there could be a Class Civil lawsuit. This is what happened to me:

I was sent a letter by CRB re: a debt I owed. I had no idea who DATECH Limited, the original creditor, was. It was for Singlescrowd, an internet dating site that I had subscribed to last year for 1 month for $29.95. I had canceled after 2 weeks via an email to their 'unsubscribe' dept. The company continued to charge my card for 4 months after my cancellation. I reported this to MasterCard, and they made the necessary adjustments. Now, almost 1 yr. later, I receive the letter from CRB. I was told that I had comitted check fraud, and if I did not send in the money, they would start their legal proceedings. The total amount due was incorrect even if I had used the service for 4 months: 29.95 x 4 = 119.80 NOT $209.65 as they claimed.

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CRB has sent numerous people notices that they are in default. Most recently from company called portugal. These are fraudulent charges. CRB has made claims that not paying the debt will harm your credit raying. I had fraudulent charges on my credit card. The card company took appropriate action and it was not paid. Then I a notice from CRB. CRB appears to be a participant in a socficated scam. I will also contact the FTC. I suggest that evertone else who has similar experiences also contact FTC and file a complaint.

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I've been scammed by Lalibco also. I called FTC, thank you for posting their informations. Lalibco had used CRB after they couldn't prove the charges they had made with my cradit card which I disputed 1,6000. Is that redicoulous or what? The charges went from 1,000 from my credit card to 1,600 after disputing their charges within a month with CRB. I called BBB and now getting them involved and hopefully this doesn't affect my credit reports which I'll have to deal with. BBB said to also dispute CRB through all of your credit reports. Once Lalibco has your credit card and computer IPS address, that's it! They'll make your life miserable. What shold I do if all of this doesn't work? Take all of them to court, or I shouldn't worry too much? Help?

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hi , i have also find 2 debt charges on my statement from lalibco .. who the f is lalibco .. they tooke me 60 euros .how come lalibco charges money? i don't know what to do ... for 60 euros is not a big amount ..i thisk i'll go to renew my credti card.. fuk lalibco

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Lalibco fleeced ??3000 from my account via several card transactions, never received an e-mail from them or anything. My wife found the details on my statements. Needless to say I slightly upset. Reported it to the bank, not sure if someone hacked into me or something. But report them nevertheless, regardless of the amount!

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lalibco tried to collect 100.00 from my checking account. i have never heard of them before and never used their services. Is lalibco legitimate company?

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I have also been scammed by Mrs. Cline, Phone # 419-517-0061, and threatened with law enforcement getting involved. Luckily, I happened to be channel surfing one night and came across an episode of Dateline NBC called Debt Trap. I watched the show, and it was very informative. They actually tracked down a few of these Debt Collectors. They revealed that these people use ILLEGAL scare tactics to get people to pay them. When the Dateline crew went to one place and asked for the CEO, the guy took off out the back door! At another place, when they asked for people by name, the employees said no one by that name worked there, and it was none of Dateline's business. Unfortunately, I did not see the episode before my threatening phone call, and I stupidly gave my Visa debit card number to my checking account to pay the $650 they said I owed. If you need advice or information, you can either call the FTC or go to Dateline's website and look up the Third Party Debt Collection Act. That Act is a LEGAL Federal document stating what these collectors can and can't do. One last thing. It is HIGHLY ILLEGAL to threaten someone for an unpaid credit card bill with getting law enforcement involved. I hope this helps some of you that may be worried over a matter of similar nature.

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