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I've received a call from Credigy on behalf of Fro

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I've received a call from Credigy on behalf of Frontline Asset Strategies, who know apparently own a debt with Discover. The card goes back to the mid-2000s but there was a court judgment , which I wasn't present for, in 2013. What is the correct SOL?

The SOL starts from the date of first default. What state are you in? Otherwise, it won't be possible for me to give you the information.

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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If there was a court judgment, this is no longer about when the account went into default. You need to find the SOL for judgment enforcement and whether or not the judgment can be renewed once the SOL is about to expire. Your state laws will have that information.

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vntrsc vntrsc

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Since there was a judgment, you need to check your state laws for the SOL for enforcement of that judgment and whether or not it can be renewed. For instance, in some states, a judgment lasts 10 years and can be renewed for another 10 years.

It might be best to contact an attorney.

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What is your state? To get the proper answer comes with all the details.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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