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First, I am so happy I found this forum! I have been reading your information and as a newbie am just not sure what to do about my current mess.

Capital Management Services has been calling my parents, siblings, husbands' ex wife and now my husband regarding a Citibank debt that they have taken over. I paid Capital for 6 months through a payment plan but due to the fact my husband is now unemployed, I am simply unable to pay any further. We're close to losing our house and every penny that I earn goes to paying the mortgage. Believe me, I want to pay them just to get them off my back.

I called Capital after getting messages from family members that they keep calling about my whereabouts and asked them (CMS) to please remove these numbers from their database. I was told they have and then they called my parents 2 more times. I called them again to say they are not authorized to call that phone number as I don't live there. They have my phone number which works fine. I even told them they were violating the fdcpa.

I can't stop them from calling even when I tell them I have no money. They then yell and say Citibank will file a judgment and hang up.

I'm depressed and don't know what to do. This is embarrassing. Should I write a do not call letter? The phone calls just make things worse because I never know who else from my friends or family they may contact.

Unless you send them a limited cease and desist letter by CMRRR advising them to stop calling your relatives, friends, neighbors, etc. they will continue to call, just telling them doesn't work, it has to be in writing. Tell them to contact you by US Mail only.

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