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If a judgment goes against you, then you'll have to pay off the debts. You'll be provided a payment plan to help you repay the debt. However, if you are unable to make the debt payments, then your creditor may ask the court to garnish your wages or impose a judgment lien on your property. Once the judgment is paid, it will be reported on your credit report as "Paid Judgment".

A judgment has a negative impact on your credit score. Your credit score can go down by several points. Apart from that, a judgment gets reported on your credit report. A judgment remains on your credit report for 7 years or until it has been repaid whichever is shorter. Therefore, you should try your best to avoid getting a judgment against you.

When the courts made their decision and you do wha...
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When the courts made their decision and you do what? Can this judgment be a permanent score on ur record forever or will it go away? Anyone???

If I have got you right then you are asking: -
What can you do if you get a judgment against you?

If that is so, then there is nothing much you can do. If a judgement goes against you then they will come up with a payment plan. But if you fail to comply with that then in such a case any of the following can take place, depending on the law of the State you live in: -
Garnishment of your wage
Lien of your properties
Levies on your bank account

A judgment against you can affect your credit score very badly and will remain in it for approximately 7 years.

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phoenix phoenix
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Most judgments have a long shelf life. You will need to pay it & demand the court file a satisfaction of judgment in the court records. After it has been paid,we can provide you with disputing tips to remove it from credit bureau records.

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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I have a paid judgment, i wanted to know how to go about removing from CR, Experian deleted it, but TU updated to paid...any suggestions?

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Updated to Paid is good - TU will most likely leave it on your report until it falls off after a certain number of years.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong on this, but I think that's what's likely to happen. At least they updated it to paid - a paid judgement still doesn't look great on your report, but it looks a whole lot better than an unpaid one.

I recently had to do major battle with one creditor from over 10 years ago who insisted that their judgement was still valid, even though I had been through a bankruptcy that discharged it. It's finally been removed from all three credit reports, but it took me over a year to get it done. I just kept disputing it.

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The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires collectors to provide timely and accurate information to the credit bureaus. You cannot remove accurate information until the SOL period (in this case, 7 years from the pay-off date) is reached.

Experian is probably just being careful, and will likely put it back on your credit report after the 45 day investigation period.

All 3 need to report it as a Paid Judgment.

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Chrys Henderson Chrys Henderson

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Can you get a house or car in your name if get a judgement against you.

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Not likely, possibly a car loan, but the interest and fees will be very high and you'll likely end up paying about 3x the value of the car...

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Chrys Henderson Chrys Henderson

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How do you know a valid judgement has been put against you if you never received any court papers asking you to got to court

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You need to check witht he clerk of the court in the county you live in. If they have a judgement, and you were not served, then you can file a motion to vacate for improper service. However, the collector can re-file the case against you.

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southernapostolic southernapostolic

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I was served by the court to apear in court, but the company kept putting off the court date.They never notified me of the new court date and then went to court without telling me.Of course they won by default. Is anyone required to notify my of the new court date and if so, what can I do?

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