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Thanks for taking the time to read my post and to consider my situation.

Here is what I'm currently looking at:
I recently (yesterday) received a letter from a collections agency stating that they are looking to collect my student loan debt on behalf of the creditor (that's more assumed as they require my check written out to the creditor). This loan is in such a state due to the obvious reasons, so I won't negate that, however, I am not in a position in which I can give them what they require and I'm afraid of it coming back affecting my girlfriend with whom I reside.

I have done some research thus far and have tried to find means to either settle to debt or to try and argue it (arguing is out of the question, actually).

I'm concerned about what my options are and what I should expect over the next few days/weeks. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Is it a federal loan? If so, have you checked to see if you qualify for consolidation? You do not need to worry about this affecting your girlfriend since she is in no way liable for the debt.

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Is this a federal or private loan?? How much do you owe and how much are they asking for payments?? If this is federal, have you read the important notes in the sticky section?

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