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What can I do with collection agencies that say they bought my loan from original debtor but is passed the statute of limitations?

One was a car loan that they repossessed and sold but said I still owed $6000 at the time. I contacted the company by certified mail with what I could do at the time never heard back from them. That was in 2007. Now I have a collection company calling me and they said they are trying to collect the debt of $10,000 from a different company that I have never heard of who is suppose to own my loan now.

The other loan is originally from Dell but a they supposedly sold the loan to another company. I have asked Dell for the original paperwork and for proof of the sale but I have received nothing from them and I asked for proof from the people that keep calling me, they said they do not have to provide me with a bill of sales of my loan.

Both of these are passed the 3 year statute of limitations for SC. What should I do because they continue calling me?

Have either sued you??

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They just keep calling and ask what I am planning on doing to get rid of debt. I keep telling them I want proof. We just keep going round and round. They will give up for a couple weeks and then start calling again.

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They are scammers mate and are just trying to collect money from you by doing illegal tactics. Don’t share any personal information with them and file a complaint against them to the SAG or FTC immediately.

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