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I had a balance with dish network, and I had not paid it. Yesterday they decided to withdraw the amount that I owed from my checking account with out my approval. Can they do that? Is that legal even though I did not authorize the withdrawal?

Did you have your past payments set up on an automatic payment withdraw from your checking account, or had you just paid them online in the past before?

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I had just paid them by phone once, with my bank account. I did not have any type of payment plan.

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Dispute the withdrawl as an unauthorized transaction with your bank. They should be able to recover your money. I would also contact Dish Network and find out why they did it. If you owe a final bill or something it might be easier if you just paid it. It probably isn't exactly legal that the transaction wasn't approved but unless a lot of complaints are filed againt Dish Network for doing similar activities then nothing will ever come out of it.

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