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I mailed my DV letter yesterday, by cmrrr. How long should i wait till they respond? What happens if they don't respond within 30 days? Is the debt still valid even if they don't respond within 30 days?

Very rarely will they respond within 30 days. I normally wait 45-60 days, then send a second request.

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If they don't respond to the first request, the dbt is still valid or can i dispute the debt not being valid?

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I am really not sure about that but it is a good question. I would think that if you have proof of requesting validation within the 30 days of the letter you receive, you could probably challenge it. I am currently dealing with a similiar situation and am hanging tight.

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in nearly every state, there is no set time limit for them to respond. Now, if you live in Texas, then all they get is 30 days to respond--after that, if they dont get back to you with validation in 30 days then they cannot collect on it. But the federal law(fdcpa) gives no time limit.

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How would one find out the laws regarding that type of situation in any other state?

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Hit your state legislatures website. What state are you in?

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New York

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Thanks for the info. It certainly does help to know where you stand from the get go.

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If they sent you a dunning letter and you responded in a timely manner i.e. within the first 30 days with a DV letter then they are not required to respond within a set amount of time but they are required to quit all collection activity until they respond. This means if they are reporting negative information to the 3 CRAs then they are violating the FCRA. Keep record of it and uses it against them to put pressure on them to drop all claims against you.

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what is considered reasonable validation by the courts? Is a credit card statement considered validation of debt?

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