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Has anyone had any dealings with Everglade Capitol Solutions. Their phone number is 877 586 5660. They say they are going to serve me with papers at work today. Of course will not provide any copies of information on payday loan they say I owe for.

Anyone ever dealt with them?

Nope, I haven???t personally dealt with this company before. Their contact detail is as follows:
Everglades Capital Solutions
2503 Del Prado Blvd Ste 435
Cape Coral, FL 33904
Phone no: 239-940-2913

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Which state do you live in and what is the name of the PDL you borrowed from?

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that address is for everglades,but they are a consulting firm.not a bottomfeeding collector.a google search of the 877 number shows a few complaints on the OP should file a police report using the 877 number and ignore them.they will not serve you period.just another bottomfeeder that just happens to use a consulting firm's and ignore.a complete bottomfeeder.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Thanks for the answers to my inquiry about Everglade. They were very rude. Told me they knew more about me than any of my family members.

Then had another guy call blocked who said he was going to serve me at my place of business or at home with court papers. Told me it would in my best interest if I called the company at that 877 number and settle with them.

He called my cell phone 7 times in a row one right after the other. I am going to tell him if he calls back to come on with his papers so I can hurry and get them to the Attorney General's office!


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sharonshireman sharonshireman

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Everglade Capital Solutions is a SCAM. They contacted my family members and left messages that I would be arrested for check fraud if I did not pay a payday loan and they had been obtained by DJR to collect the money. Robert Stevens and Stephanie Fallon had all the right answers to my questions and made their company seem legit. After all my attempts to not become the victim of fraud, I have now become a victim and am mad as hell about it. They debited my account on 2 occassions for a total of $400 and when they sent my "resolution letter" it was addressed to a Valarie Hernandez for a loan to ACE Cash Express for $180. When I attempted to call the 239-790-3677 number listed on the correspondence, to my surprise it was a fax # and the 888-401-1597 number on my bank statement is not a working number nor the 877-780-4514 number that they gave me as a call back number. I am so furious that this happened but thought the best thing to do is let people know so it doesn't happen to them. God will have his day with them so I can't worry about losing the money, but I know that one day very soon they will get what they deserve.

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Ok this company ECS called my family members and told them i could go to jail and threatened to serve me papers and never did, i am tired of the harassment and if they call my family again i am gonna call them and cuss them out, file a police report, who else can i call cause i am sick of this

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bc bc

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Report them to your state's AG and the FTC

Sub: #7 posted on Mon, 04/29/2013 - 08:12

bingonut bingonut

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I contacted the Florida Dept of Finance. Everglades sent them the phone log of attempts to reach me, however they failed to mention the manner in which they tried to reach me by threatening me and scaring me half to death. I dont think contacting that office did any good

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It is not their job to investigate complaints...they are just licensing. Contact the Florida AG's office if you live in FL...if you live in another state, contact that office.

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They have been calling me and my husband non-stop. After I told them I need to do some research they still kept calling saying they are going to serve me papers. Now I received an email from Slovin Esq, saying they are going to file a lawsuit againts me. What can I do?

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