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They POSE as FAKE OFFICERS & come to your house with a summons & harass & threaten family members

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PRESSLER & PRESSLER. Came to my house & till this day keep harassing me, regarding a debt they claim I owe but now look at how professional these people are. The wouldn't tell me exactly who I owe. I don't know how this is allowed but they withdrew the so called debt from my husbands checking account ($230.00). On top of this they pose as officers they come to your house in regular cars & clothes & say they work for the county sheriffs office & they have repeatedly gone & still do, even though this debt is paid, they go to my house while I'm working, scaring whoever opens the door with their stupid tactics & harass the tenants telling them that they has to pay the debt from her rent ( I never heard of that) or harass my other family members by saying that they will take the house from them or take them to jail for lieing about my where-abouts. Seriously, are these people that desperate for their commission, what a bunch of losers. I have proof that this was paid & they are still bothering me about this money.

Have you filed a police report? If not, then do it immediately. They are scammers mate and are trying to collect money from you by giving false threat. You have done a great mistake by giving them money. File a complaint against this bottomfeeder to the SAG or FTC asap. Debts are civil case, not a criminal offense. So you can’t go to jail for nonpayment of your debts. Don’t pay them a penny from now onwards.

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i half believe it as if there was any proof of any of this you can have theose people arrested since they supposedly come right to your home.a few sworn affidavits and they're busted,but you chose to vent i don't believe it when i think about it some more.sorry,but as stated before that is most illegal,and impersonating an officer is a major if there is truth to this(and i'm skeptical)have those people threatened sign an affidavit and have those parties arrested.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Quite frankly I do not believe a word of what the poster is saying. They are a law firm in Jersey...they do not knock on doors. They use the courts and they sure are not making house calls for $230.

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Shill trying to discredit the law firm?

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