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I received a summons from Frederick J Hannah c/o Asset Acceptance for a debt that was charged off in 2005. I know this is my debt. The problem is what I have heard about these people. The summons did not have a court date. I have not answered, as I do not know how, but I have only 15 days left to answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I am the only income in a 5 person household(spouse,3 children). Spouse can not work due to youngest child (19 months) has trouble swallowing and goes to the doctor for treatments and checkups 2 to 3 times a week. Thanks

I sincerely doubt that that is a legitimate summons, summons come from the courts not from the law firm. You need to send them a debt validation letter right away to make sure that this debt is truly yours and the amount that they say that you owe is accurate, and also what state do you live in as this maybe past its statutes of limitations.

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ladybug ladybug

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I was served by the county Sheriff? Even he said there was not a court date? I did not know if it was too late to send a request for validation.

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hairrington hairrington

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Sorry, I live in georgia, I Think the SOL is 4 years

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hairrington hairrington

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They probably won't set a date until you answer the summons.

I found an answer form for Chatham County Georgia. You'll want something that looks like this

http://www.statecourt .org/forms_civil.shtml

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polly polly

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