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I moved out of a house I was renting because I couldn't afford it anymore. Now I'm being sued. I don't have the money to pay what I owe the landlord. Can they garnish my checks? What can they legally do to me since I can't afford to pay the debt?

Have you talked to your landlord to see if you can work out some type of payment arrangements? What state do you live in? If your landlord does decide to take you to court and is awarded a judgement, then I believe your wages can be garnished. If you do receive a notice to appear in court, make sure you appear, and maybe the judge will allow payment arrangments.

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m.lm1947 m.lm1947

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Check your state laws, some states do not allow garnishment. What exactly is your landlord charging you for? Is it unpaid rent, or did you have a lease and he is charging you rent for the months you were gone, or is it for damages or cleaning? If this is for remaining months on your lease, find out if the place is re-rented and if so, find out when it was rented because the landlord can only charge you for the months that the place was unoccupied, once he started renting it to a new party, you ceased to owe him for those months.

If this is for damages or cleaning, demand statements of the actual work done, and get a few estimates of your own to see if he is overcharging you, believe me I have known a few landlords who trumped up charges just to line their pockets with a few extra bucks. Also make sure that whatever he is charging you, he took out the security deposit first.

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