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I live in IN and was contacted by a "Unknown" (caller ID) who asked for me by name, gave a case number, and said that they needed to verify my mailing address, either work or home, in order to send mail. They left an 866-759-4225 number to call back but I haven't called them yet.

I read at your sticky entitled "So you've been contacted..." and it references if you were contacted by mail - in which case they already have your address. But it doesn't touch on if this person is calling you with no mail contact. Do I call them and give them my address and follow the same steps? By giving them my address is that an admission that I owe them something? Thanks in advance for your help.

Don’t share any personal information with them. They are bottomfeeder mate. File a complaint against them to the SAG or FTC.

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do not call them a pure bottomfeeder.ignore them completely as a google search only bought up complaints similar to yours.nobody calls ahead to serve,get an address to fact some areas like mine are in person only for serving a summons.again a complete bottomfeeder that needs to be ignored.

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