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Anyone have a physical address to GMAC?

My Smart Buy Lease was up, and I was not approved for refinancing and had to voluntarily turn in the car. The person at GMAC who handled my case was extremly rude and lied to me. I had scheduled a pick-up date and time (couldn't bring the car in myself for extended reasons) however they showed up earlier then the planned date and insisted on the car right then and there. The car was not at my address, was being stored on a private enclosed lot about a mile away. They were able to locate the car, went onto the private lot without the property owner's permision, no legal authorization, and without my consent and took the car.

Find out later that if I would have brought the car to the dealership myself, i would only be financially responsible for any extensive wear and tear. However, since they came to pick it up the car was brought to auction, and I will have to pay the difference of the auction price and the remaining balance. THIS WAS NEVER EXPLAINED TO ME!!!!!

I am sending an certified letter...however can not find a physical address. Payments were send to a PO Box in Maryland. My Credit Report lists a PO Box in GREELEY,
CO. I normally call 800-200-4622 to speak with the department that handled this.

I want to send a CRR letter to the department who handled this transfer (their ph # 800-200-4622) AS WELL as their corporate office, but can find physical mailing addresses.

Help!!!! Thanks!

I found this on the State of IL DFI Licensees website:
D/b/a GMAC Financial Services, LLC
15303 South 94th Avenue
Orland Park, IL, 60462

However, they may have locations in each state. Try contacting your state department of financial institutions to see where their license is registered to.

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