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Gurstel Chargo failed to show for Mediation in Arizona

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Gurstel Chargo is suing me on behalf of the Todd Company ( I believe they own that LLC0, for a debt that suposidly started with US Bank NA.

I only got one letter from them. I called to ask them questions about the deabt as it was all news to me. I was told that unless I gave them answers first to their questions they would not talk to me. I did give them my name and their account number. They wanted some very personal information. But as they would not respond to anything I asked, including their bar number. I would give them no info. So the conversation went no where.

Months later I am being sued for 4,000.00 plus.

I filled a response/answer ( professional prepared for me).

The court set it for mandatory mediation within about 20 days of my answering.

Gurstel Chargo arranged to appear by phone. However they never called and the Mediator closed the mediation and noted they were a no show.

I do not have a clue about this debt and made that clear in my answer.

So now what do I do that they no showed?

Well, as default, you have won. Possibly they could not dig up proof in paperwork that you owe the debt. I saw such a situation in Montana but the guy got taken by Midland a year later after they filed fresh and came to court prepared with the paperwork.

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Steve Barris Steve Barris

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I am not sure I understand your response. You say by default I won... Won what? It was Mediation, not a court hearing. You really do not win or loose at Mediation....

As for you saying someone won in their court hearing and a year later they got sued again but this time the bank had the documents.. How could they refile a case that was already adjudicated?

I'm not getting something about your response.. Can you explain it better... Because I feel like I'm not understanding your response???

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nospaam2me nospaam2me

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