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Hi everyone! Last week I received a rude msg from some with Hecker Law Firm. After doing some research on this site and looking at a recent credit report, I'm sure they're representing UNIFUND which "took over" a CHASE charge off account in May of 2008. My last payment to CHASE was in February, 2006. I know the SOL for North Carolina is 3 years. The charge off amount from CHASE was $2,700. But of course, the new balance reporting from UNIFUND is $3,200. I'm just seeking some guidance and would appreciate someone answering the following questions:
-Should I send a DV directly to UNIFUND, Hecker Law Firm, or both?
-What are the chances of settling the debt at the original balance of $2,700 ( or lower )
- Would hiring an attorney to take care of this for me be a wise choice? Do they have better luck settling for lower amounts?

Again, any advice is much appreciated. I intend to pay this debt, but some of these forums regarding UNIFUND and Hecker have made me a little nervous...


Actually, in all likelihood, if you send a DV letter they won't be able to validate. I would send a DV letter to both, and PLEASE send it certified return receipt, Unifund is ruthless, crooked and one of the worst CA's I have dealt with besides Arrow Financial! Watch your back, and cover all your bases, do NOT trust them! :shock:

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Okay, I will send a DV to both. Do you think it would be wise to have an attorney represent me? If they are not able to validate the account, what next? Thanks so much

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If I had the choice, yes, I would get an Attorney, I would say that the chances are pretty good they will violate the FDCP and an Attorney would recognize the violations and act on them. Make sure you try to get an Attorney who specializes in consumer law. Do not believe the amount they try to charge you, they are notorious for charging illegal interest rates.

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ok great advice- do you know from any experience how much an attorney would charge? Thanks for your help!

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Some lawyers will do it on the contingency of getting paid later, but you will have had to already have several documented violations for this to be worthwhile to a lawyer. There is a group of lawyers that specialize in this, I can't think of the name at the moment but someone here will be along who can post the information and link....

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Unless you have a whole lot of spare time and can "handle" the emotional stress, I suggest you find an attorney and let THEM deal with 'em, even if you have to borrow the fee from a friend.

It can be overwhelming, going it alone.

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okay..after receiving the call last week, I received the first demand letter from Hecker law firm today. The letter is saying that my creditor is Pinnacle Credit Systems. I had originally thought it was UNIFUND because UNIFUND was the creditor on my CR pulled back in June. Is there chance that UNIFUND has already sold to Pinnacle? Should I have my credit repulled? None-the-less, I'm going to send a DV letter to both Hecker and Pinnacle tomorrow. Any thoughts?

Thanks so much

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Sounds like Unifund sold it off to Pinnacle. Pull your credit reports again. Unifund should be gone and Pinnacle may already be reporting. If Unifind is still reporting, dispute and it should be deleted w/in 30-45 days.

Make sure you respond to the demand letter with a DV to both Hecker and Pinnacle. That should cease collection efforst until validation is provided.

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