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Hey Guys,

I'm going to need some help on this one. Ok, so here it goes, Today I tried to place a call on my cell phone, then up came a recording saying they were transfering me to T-Mobile. My dad had to speak since he's the main account holder. The rep comes on and says the account has been suspended for "Recent High Activity". She says that I have past my minutes and now owe about $596. She said I had a $29.99 plan, which isnt true, I have a $39.99, which I tried to tell her, but it's like she wouldn't even listen to me. She would pause, as if to hear what I was saying, then continue to say that I have the $29.99 plan. Also whenever I tried to ask to speak to a supervisor, it's as if she was reluctant to transfer me, saying that "You're already at the highest department for financial services" and I said "ok, well I want the highest person in charge of that department." to which she told me "No matter how high, there's no one that can credit the account for the fees." I'm also the type of person that only uses my cellphone when I NEED to, other then that I'm always on a land-line, so me crossing over my minutes is outrageous. My dad also asked her if we chose not to pay, what would happen. She said it would have negative effects on the account holder's credit. We've gone through some sort of mess up they've created just about every month, but this one is the biggest. The previous rep we spoke to last month made a mistake in his/her notes about our plan, so now we're getting the consequences, and since the lady said "we go by the notes", she basically was implying that everything I was saying was B.S. She wouldn't work with me as to find out what had happened, it was basically Guilty until proven Guilty, except I didn't even need to be proved, I was automatically found guilty... She said all the over-drafts were correct, and theres nothing we could do but pay. Now I have no idea how to deal with this, I tried calling back in hopes of receiving a different rep, but got the same one. I dont feel we should be punished for one of their mistakes, especially a mistake thats going to cost my family almost $600 that we don't have. Any help is appreciated, thanks guys.

Ok, if you have a $39.99 rate plan then your previous bills will show this.

How did it get changed to $29.99?

Do you pay the bill every month?

What is the overage for? You would have to have gone over by about 1225 minutes for this charge to be accurate.

Is your bill detailed, i.e. list every call made and received?

If not you can probably go on line and get a detailed statement by logging into your account and looking at the usage. Or you can have them pull the records.

What kind of problems have you been having regularly?

If you call financial services back and get the same lady ask for her name and ID (they have to give this to you) normally it is the second thing out of their mouth after saying thanks for calling.

Find out her title (should be account/customer representative) if she is not the department supervisor or manager ask to talk to that person, if she refuses ask for the corporate headquarters phone number (which is (425) 378-4000) she will probably give you a 800 fax number.

If you call ask for the Executive Customer Relations department. They should be able to help.

If you have any more questions just ask. It has been about a year since my company rep for T-Mobile.

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You might consider stopping by one of their stores or booths in a mall. Those people generally have access to your account as well and you might get better service if you are standing their looking someone in the eye and telling them there billing department messed up.

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