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Ugh. Talk about a day. I have been slowly paying my debts back one by one. Most of the collection companies have been working with me. Today I get 4 phone calls from I.C. systems regarding a paypal account.

It went to collections because I sold something on ebay, the buyer swore it was broken when it got there. Paypal gave her a refund (from my account with a $1.00 balance). She was suppose to send the item back and I never got zip. When I told paypal this they said they had proof she sent me something. Well, I never got it and they won't provide me with a copy of their "proof". So meanwhile, I have no bank account or credit card tied to paypal. So when they refund her $50 + shipping it puts my account at -$60.

I told paypal I'll pay it when I get my item back, because she is not entitled to keep the $$ and the item and paypal was suppose to make sure I got my item back.

So, long story short it is in collections with I.C. systems.

4 times today I get a phone call. Each time I pick up, I can hear giggling on the other end and then I get hung up on. So, after the 4th time I call the number back and demand to speak to a supervisor. They put me on the phone with someone who sounds like a 5 year old.

She tells me that she will stop the calls when I "stop being a loser and send the money". I tell her when someone calls and actually speaks to me, that I will be glad to pay the debt.

She then told me that she will personally make sure the calls continue as often as possible and that since it's illegal to record a call without consent I have no way to prove that they aren't making legitimate calls.

My blood is BOILING at this point.

It depends on what state you live in about the recording. A majority of the states including my state is a 1 party state. You can find a breakdown of the states on this site or by searching on yahoo. Also if you have caller ID then that has nothing to do with recording. You can capture their number and prove they called over and over. Personally I would just send a DV letter detailing the full dispute to both Paypal and the CA with a full Cease Comm attached. If they call you after that it is a violation of the fdcpa. If they report to CRAs then they violated the FCRA. I wouldn't be blackmailed into paying $60 for sure. On a side note, Paypal can be useful but their customer relations and support is awful and the same goes for Ebay.

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