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Hi Forum,

Awhile back you gave some great advice for me to answer a summons. I did that and received only one phone call from the plaintiff's attorney on the answering machine and never another, no letters, nadda. Since then, I noticed that they lied on the summons about the Statute of Limitation date. Is this typical. Will this help me in court when I show the date of the last payment to the initial creditor?

Since then, NCO tried to con me. They called and gave me an offer of 2,000 settlement. I asked how could they settle with me if they were suing me. She did a song and dance and finally said this was a different account. She says, but if I pay this one then it looks good for me. Well, I didn't have the money, but I asked them to send me an email saying they would settle for 2,000 and proof of the initial creditor. That was rather funny. They email me from another person's email and say:

Please be aware that we will fax a hard copy to SIF the above account for $2,000.00 by 6-30-08. Please respond with a fax number so we can send.



Don't know who Glenn was, but...

Har Har, am I supposed to be that stupid? I told her that I was waiting for validation otherwise I would do nothing.

Then they transferred the debt to an attorney's office who is offering any settlement at all, even $25 a month. I have not answered the phone, nor letters. They stated the original debtor on the offer. Should I contest it anyway? You know, the 30 days to respond letter and ask them to prove it?

I wrote to LVNV Funding and requested Validation - no answer: 45 days now. I have certificate of mailing. I sent cc to the attorney as well. No answer.

I disputed these derogatory reports with Credit Bureaus and said I wrote to these people and then won't answer my letters.
The credit bureau told me what the accounts were, but said I can dispute. I told them I don't know who LVNV Funding is and I never signed any contracts with them.

Since then, someone told me that JDC's actually do not have a legal right to continue to juggle these accounts and constantly place info on derogatory reporting like they do, but no one does anything about it. This person said that only the original creditor is allowed to report derogatorily on an account. Also, the initial debt and creditor has since removed their derogatory from my credit report, go figure!

All this stuff is past statute, but it seems they are playing games with that as well, as you guys mentioned before about admitting to the debt over the phone and things. But I can't remember what I said. Usually it was just that I was out of work as an injured worker and didn't have any money. Is a phone call from a collector an admittance to the debt and legal Proof of Indebitness? If they do 'not' have a payment or signature, is a phone taping valid?

Can I seek your knowledge in this stuff again? All my debts are over 4 years old the SOL for my state. How do I end this stupid stuff with the JDCs? Urgh. Do I just keep sending validation requests and answer any summons that comes. How do I combat and defeat their lies?


If your debts have past your state's SOL period then you have all the rights to dispute the same and can send a cease and desist letter.

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phoenix phoenix
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Thanks. Your suggestion made me realize that there is a lot of information at this site to do some more self-help. Duh! Funny thing, last night I had a dream about black widow spiders and LVNV Funding together. These people are relentless. I collected some of the sample letters listed here and I am reading other links now. Thanks.

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