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This debt collection is a complete joke. We have requested a payoff in writing, over a month ago. Nothing!
They called today to try to collect, set up payment arrangements. NOT! If I had not had a Stroke, I would have taken the phone from my husband and given them an ear full.
Still waiting for the payoff, no interest or late fees, since it’s there fault for taking over a month to respond.
I’m not stupid, if I can’t trust them to put in writing then why the hell should I trust them at all.
I may have had a stroke, but I am not dumb. I have my reasons to put in writing, so do others.
This could have been settled over a month ago, but they take their sweet little time.
Who the hell gave them a North Dakota number for our contact? They are so full of it.
I just want this nightmare over, I’ve been through enough hell.

Hey Cyndi,
You are right, what they have done is totally disgusting. Do one thing, send them a mail and tell them that you are not going to pay a dollar extra as late fees or interest. You were willing to payoff the debt month ago, now it is upto them, they should send you a settlement plan if they are interested to get the money. That's it.
If they harasses you anymore, you can sue them in federal or state court for up to $1,000 including damages. You may also report violations to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

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Barbara Delinsky Barbara Delinsky

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What were they doing in the last one month? Sleeping or harassing other debtors? Obviously, you shouldn't pay extra fees or interests. Do one thing. Ask them a few important questions like "What is my file number?" Negotiate in writing. Don't provide your mailing address. They should have it.

Don't pay a penny unless they provide you with a confirmation letter/fax/email outlining the agreed terms.

Sub: #2 posted on Sun, 09/02/2018 - 21:37

David Martin David Martin

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If they still harass you, make a complaint against them. Ask them about your debt detail. They will not be able to do that. Because they are fraud.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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