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Kramer & Frank - Are they for real ?

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Has anyone heard of Kramer & Frank PC Attorneys at Law? They are handling one of my HSBC accounts, I cant seem to get a hold of them though. I keep calling and leaving messages to discuss payment arrangements, and they keep sending me letters.
Any suggestions??? I talked to one person there and she said to call back in December to make arrangements because the person handling my account wasnt in.

Here is some info from the Better Business Bureau about Kramer and Frank"

Kramer & Frank P C
9300 Dielman Industrial Dr.
Saint Louis, MO 63132
Telephone: (314) 991-1177

The BBB reports on members and non-members. If a company is a member of the BBB, it is stated in this report
BBB Definition:

report - A summary of activity reflected in a company's BBB file. Includes basic business background, BBB membership information, and Bureau complaint activity over the previous three years. Also reports may include any known government actions, advertising issues or other information that results from activity conducted by the BBB.


Principal: I. J. Frankel, CEO
Customer Contact: I. J. Frankel, CEO - (314) 991-1177
TOB Classification: Attorneys
BBB Membership: This company is not a member.

Customer Experience

When considering complaint information, please take into account the company's size and volume of transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm's responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints.

The Bureau processed a total of 2 complaints about this company in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total of 2 complaints closed in 36 months, 0 were closed in the last year.

Advertising Issues
BBB Definition:

Advertising Issues - Claims alleging print or electronic media advertised claims or practices misrepresent the service or product offer.

Administratively Closed
BBB Definition:

Administratively Closed - The BBB determined the company made a good faith and reasonable effort to resolve the issues, although the complainant was not always satisfied with the outcome.

2 - The parties could not provide sufficient information to support their positions nor were they agreeable to make reasonable efforts toward resolving the issues of the dispute.

Competency Licensing

This company is in an industry that may require licensing, bonding or registration in order to lawfully do business. The Bureau encourages you to check with the appropriate agency to be certain any requirements are currently being met.

Additional Addresses, and Telephone Numbers

Additional Addresses
9666 Olive Blvd.
--Previous Address--
Saint Louis, MO 63132

Additional Phone Numbers
(314) 754-6159
(800) 288-5437
(314) 991-1835

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brownsugar brownsugar

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Thanks for the info. Hopefully there isnt a problem. Do you think since they are attorneys they are more interested in suing me than collecting the debt? I just thought maybe thats why they arent talking to me, so that they can say I made no attempt to make arrangements.
Is that something thats even possible?

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jeffc762 jeffc762

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I have not seen or read any bac information regarding Kramer & Frank atty's, maybe they are some issues in their office and had to cut back their hours or maybe they take extended time off during the holiday's. Good luck and keep us posted

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They just sued me for a 5 year old Emerge account that I have been trying to get corrected. Their main purpose is to take these accounts to court, sue you, get the debt officially on record by a court of law, receive a judgement in their favor, then garnish your wages until debt is clear. They will also charge you interest on that debt with the courts blessings. Their whole objective is to get a court judgement on unsecured debt so it can be collected. Don't bother trying to contact them that is not their objective. Forget about going to court when you receive your summons, the judges tend not to listen unless your in the "club". I've tried everything you are trying and even went to court to plead my case with no success. This is the trend of the legal profession due to the money these legal professional are making from collecting debt.

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I cannot condone Al63139's advice as it will lead to a default judgment. If the debt is not yours then you can easily win a court battle. First thing you do is get a attorney well versed in fdcpa law. You should suggest that your attorney motion to show cause in the discovery process by requesting validation. The important things the judge wants to know in these suits are:
1. Does the debt belongs to you?
2. Does this entity have the legal right to collect on the debt?
That is what validation shows (in part) so the judge is going to grant said motion. If the CA can't produce said documents then the case gets dismissed (usually with prejudice, meaning that nobody can sue for it again) You can also challenge the chain of custody by having them produce assignment contracts and/or receipt of sales from that CA going back to the last CA that had it and the one before it, all the way back to the original creditor, you may even request they present witnesses that have first hand knowledge of the debt in question from each of the CA's for them to testify to their knowledge. It will break down their case faster than a house of cards in a hurricane.

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I have dealt with them and every time I call in to ask a question or follow-up, they are terribly rude and heartless. I am referring especially to one person in particular named Edie Weber. She is a horrible excuse for a human being. I wish I had thought to record our conversation...
Good luck with getting anything worked out with that company. I have never had a good experience with them and have been forced to hire an attorney to combat them.

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They are too busy trying to get people like me to pay money that I never owed anyone. Maby this is what spread the wealth means

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Al63139, thanks for taking the time to tell it like it is! I had the same experience with this company. In fact, my experience was worse -- Kramer & Frank's SPECIAL PROCESS SERVER NEVER SERVED ME A SUMMONS!!! I even tried to file a complaint with the Missouri Bar Association, as the Kramer & Frank attorney who sued me proceeded with the lawsuit despite the defective -- OR MORE ACCURATELY, NON-EXISTENT - SERVICE. Once a creditor has turned a delinquent account over to them, all you can do is try to settle the debt. I thought I survived their unethical dealings once, only to land in their hands, again. Now, since I live outside Missouri, they won't even send me statements. It's like I send my monthly payments into a black hole. At some point, I will address this with them -- via an attorney of my own.

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Both Letty and al63139 are dead wrong. I can't decide if they simply didn't know any better, or are purposely posting this useless information in an effort to dissuade others who may not know much into allowing default judgements to happen.

In any case:

al63139: There is no "club". You simply have to either have a lawyer, or know your rules of civil procedure. 'pleading your case' will do you no good if you do not follow rules of civil procedure like motioning for discovery of the documents pertaining to the debt in question and everything else JCMT said in his above post. Just not going to court is about the worst thing to do because even if they were able to properly validate the account, the judge would set up a payment arrangement you can afford where if you didn't care enough to show up then why should the judge care and just award a default judgement allowing the CA to then go after you that was not brilliant advice on your part.

while it was a good idea to report them, it would not stop the court action. What you should have done was go to the courthouse and get the judgement overturned due to improper service, there is law in place just for this.

all in all that was not 'telling it like it is' because it isn't like that and doesn't ever have to be like that. There are rights and laws made to protect consumers from just such practices but you have to take the initiative and protect yourself.

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goldenbast goldenbast
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I have had the same problem. I have been leaving messages for Diane Lawson, whom I was directed to when I started inquiry at a satisfaction of judgment on an account that I had paid to another outside source. They will not return phone calls or answer when you call, you always get the voice mail. This has become quite frustrating.

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