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I received a phone call from Landmark stating I would be served with a summons for 2 counts. 1 for check fraud and another for worthless check. I called to see what the issue was, as I haven't used my maiden name in 7 years. The man on the other end of the line refused t give me his company address, his location, and refused to send me a letter of dunning. He stated they don't do that. They weren't a collection agency. His job was to inform me of the issues and serve me with a summons if I refused to co-operate with making a payment arrangement. He said he would be in contact with my supervisor and that he would be out to my place of employment this afternoon. He has my old address on file and used my maiden name. Any help on this?

Ignore him. It's a scam.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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report this leech and ignore him.a bottomfeeder deluxe.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I just got the same thing on this...and they refused to give me anything, had no problem giving me all of my public information and wanted to collect payment. I told them i would pay once they sent me documentation...also said to go ahead and send me information on the charges. When I asked for the address of where they were located and the full name of the "law office" they claimed they were from they refused to give it to me stating that they cant do this because I can use it in a case against them. Makes it difficult because I cant file a complaint on them without the information.

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Just received the same issue?

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First they called my job identified themselves as "New York" I said that's a state not a company ...she ignored me said they were working for JHS Marketing...told me call her later or they would file charges for larceny.  Called when I got home said I reached Landmark...everytime I brought up a new lie I caughter her in she got defensive and said she's just going to file..would not provide me anything saying I could use it against her company in litigation...I said if you are doing nothing wrong?  Then how? So I reported them to the FTC and my Attorney General's office and told her I would talk to her when I could verify who she was...she just kept threatening me so I hung up.  But she threatened to garnish my wages, and contact my employer and the other references on my loan...the way I caught it was a scam ... the names of the references she gave me ... I don't know them and none of the email addresses she had matched but what worries me is she did have my SS ## correct????

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I had Landmark call me and threaten me with jail time, initially I was scared so I paid them $75 of the $320, they say I woe them. Now when I try to get information they hang up on me. Does anyone know where they are located?

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I received a call from them as well. I no longer live in my hometown and the woman that called told me they were a company based in my hometown. She told me I owed one amount and when I called back, she gave me a different amount. When I asked her for their address, she gave me an address in Marietta, GA which is not my hometown. I believe this a scam as well.

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The address she gave me was 2550 Zachary Woods Dr in Marietta, GA and she did not give me her first name and she doesn't say her first name on her voicemail. I am going to look into this address.

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These guys are a scam and the worst kind. They wouldn't give me there address and told me I could verify with the company I took the debt out with. So I did call the company and they said Landmark is a fraud! The number they called me on was 8553566151. I called them back and the guy threatened psychical violence and hung up!

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They called me as well and talk to my supervisor, put they did not realize I work for a service process company and I told them to serve me, if I owe I would rather pay the courts first the loan was done in 2008

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