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i just got off phone call with someone claiming to be a lawyer

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hi n.corey99 here. i just got off phone call with someone claiming to be a lawyer. located in cal. i live in utah said if i was unable to send 1000 and some change in the next 45 min the law suit affidavid he had just read toi me would be givin o my local sherriffs dept and i would be arrested and taken to california for prosecution on check fraud and theft by deception. i did receive a loan from them but their attempt to draw an ach was only returned last friday
what shiould i do?

Don't be so worried. First, ask that lawyer to validate the debt. You must check whether the debt is really yours or not. If he calls back, ask him to send you a mail with all the details. Don't tell him your Email Id, if he is genuine he should have known your details too.
Remember, do not send any money, do not share your personal or financial details with him. Just ask him to send you an official mail.

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Barbara Delinsky Barbara Delinsky

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More than likely, it’s a scam. A lawyer would not make a call like that.

How old is the debt?

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If this 'someone' is a genuine and honest attorney, then he would never threaten you like this. You can't be arrested for debts. If you don't pay off your debts, then that's a civil offense. It's not a criminal offense. So it's a false threat. Don't send money hurriedly. How much did you borrow from them? Who is the lender? Have you asked the name of the lawyer or the law firm or the collection agency?

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David Martin David Martin

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