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I have a Judgment, i have not recieved the amount for 3 year, How can i locate my Deptor property and Bank account!?

If your debtor is unable to pay the amount and you know that he/she have the means to pay odd the debt, then take help to the local sheriff to get the details. You can get the money back by a bank levy, wage garnishment, or a real estate lien.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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You can conduct a post-judgment discovery to know about debtor's income and assets.

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I agree with SC. since it has been only 3 have 7 more years to investigate about your debtors' assets and income. The time period for collecting judgments is ten years in most states. But after that time expires you can again renew the judgment for another ten years.
So, if you find out that your debtor is bankrupt today, you may collect your money by accessing his/her income and assets in the future.

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