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I paid my last months rent when I moved out of my old apartment. This company is asking for money for a repair I did not cause. They won't look into the paper work on file to verify.

Do you have a copy of your move in inspection that shows that this damage was already there? That would be a big help or go see your previous landlord and ask to see your rental file or at least the move in inspection. If the damage is not on your move in inspection, unfortunately you are responsible for the charges unless you have any proof that you did not cause the damage. I know that may sound a little harsh or maybe even unfair, but that is how things work. Having managed apartments before and having seen what I did, I now tell people that even though the landlord may do an initial move in inspection, do another one yourself and always take pictures of the damage that is there (including things that are not cleaned) and make a copy of the pics for you and your landlord. You can do this before you hand over the keys also....once everything is out of the apartment and it is cleaned and ready to go. This may protect you if there is a charge that might have been caused by maintenance and you being charged for. Good luck

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2nband 2nband
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Unfortunately, if you don’t have evidence that you’re no where responsible for the damage, you’re required to make the payment.

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Renee Brown Renee Brown

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The burden of proof that damage occurred is on the landlord. He or she must provide a repair estimate or bill and photos of the damage for it to hold up in court. Renee saying that you must prove that you did not do something is wrong. In this country you need to be proven guilty not prove yourself innocent.

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