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I received a call today or i should say my son did how they got his cell phone number is baffling. Anyway they told him I had an unpaid payday loan and i was being charged with fraud. That they were coming to my house today to serve me papers. Needless to say it scared the shit out of me and I have to admit I panicked. So I rushed home to find the previous info and she what I could find. Well I received the same kind of call a few months ago saying that it had to do with my bank account at my old bank. Needless to say I was pretty stupid because I paid the money and did not research the company like I should have. This time I went online and researched the web and found this thread. Each time they say I am being charged with fraud. Which in Iowa is illegal they can not charge you with fraud it is only a civil case. Not only that it is illegal for them to service iowa. I found this out by going to the attorney generals office web site, I also found the same information online at iowa legal aide. These people are very demanding and say they are coming to throw me in jail. Which unfortunately the first time I fell for it. I am embarrassed to say. But just maybe by sharing this information here will stop someone else getting ripped off. I have shared the links to the information found. Make sure you check your with your local states attorney generals office and legal aide

Sorry I posted the above it should read Nationwide Collection.

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yep they are a complete bottomfeeder so is anybody that mentions fraud,or coming to your house to serve papers.nobody calls ahead for that.sorry you got taken the first time.glad you are wiser now.

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