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Twice this week we have gotten calls from MCM regarding an "old" Fingerhut debt. Since I've never even had a Fingerhut account I tried the explain they had the wrong person. The ONLY info they had correct was my name! The address is not nor ever has been mine, the social, and the name is even misspelled. How can I get these jerks to stop calling me?

Send the a full cease communication CMRRR and explain that you are not the individual they are looking for and any further contact will result in you filing complaints with the FTC, your AG and theirs, the BBB and the ACA. Read more on them here: ment.htm

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Great! Is there anything specific that I should include? My preference is to NOT give them my address or any personal info as I am sure they will then start sending mail. Or change the specifics of the true debtor to mine to try to collect. Is using my PO Box address ok? They have already proven that they do not believe me and only care that they have a live body on the other end of the phone :(

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I would state that they are calling this number in reference to (same name) at (whatever address they are referring too), that this is your name but you have never had that address nor have you ever done any business with Fingerhut. Any further phone calls will be deemed as harrassment and you will not hesitate to file suit for any violation of your cease comm. Your PO Box should be sufficient as a return address.

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