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hello, i have 2 accounts in collections. one for medical and the other from a OC that is affecting my credit. i want to get rid of both accounts is it worth it trying to do a pay to delete or just try to dispute it? and is it the same letter to dispute if you can... can i please get the letters to get rid of these 2 accounts. i am actually trying to purchase a home and i don't want to contact any other credit repair companies because i know they over charge and i can doit it my self. thank you.


Are these collection accounts valid? You should dispute the collection accounts only when debts are not valid. Okay. You should first them a debt validation letter. This is the sample letter you can use:
https:/ /

If these are valid accounts, then you should try to negotiate for a settlement first. In that case, you can use this letter.
ht tps://

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David Martin David Martin

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Ask them to validate the debt. If they don't repay you, then relax. If they validate the debt, you should repay the debt. Talk to them for settlement.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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Validation of your debts is very important. You must be sure that both the debts are yours. So, make sure you send validation letter to the credit asap. Next step would be negotiation. If bot of the debts are yours, then ask your collection agent that you want negotiate for a settlement.
THe more you can lower the amount, the more you may save from the payments.

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Barbara Delinsky Barbara Delinsky

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Validation requests are valid only after receiving an initial communication from a debt collector. Courts that have ruled on the issue have ruled that f collection accounts on a credit report is not an initial communication.

You can send a validation request, bot the debt collector will not be required to respond.

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