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I got a call from good old MGS (I can't rem the full name without looking up but they have been mentioned here by others.

Anyway they called me up and told me the amount that I owned $685 or so. Then asked me how much could I afford to pay on this today. I told the lady that I could only pay $25 right now cause I was only making $100 a week. She then told me that was not an acceptable amount and that the client would not accept less then $138 but she was willing to accept $100 today. I repeated that I only made $100 a week and she was calling me in between checks. She said she would see if I could get on their "hardship" program then. She asked the following questions to see if I could get on it. Do I own my own home? No, I live with my parents. Do I have children? No, I do not have any children. She then tells me I could not get on their hardship program as I do not have any other debts then. I asked her how could she say I have no other debts based only on those questions? I do have other bills I do pay such as my Phone and Food. She tells me those are not important in this case that I have already said I was making $100 a week and wanted to know why I couldn't make a $138 payment today. I reminded her that the amount she wanted was more then what I made for the week and if I did that amount in a one week payment I would not have money for anything else such as Food. She tells me that she guessed she would have to call my work's payroll department and just guarnish my wages then for the amount. I told her she wouldn't be able to do that for one it was against my state's law's to guranish more then 25% of one's pay (Maryland). After going back and forth I offered to pay $50 on Weds. when I got paid again and she refused. She left her name, the company name, the phone number and her extention.

I afterwards contacted the BBB and my State's Attoney. The BBB worked it out where they won't contact me by phone anymore. I am still waiting to see what the SA does it has been forwards to another state agency last time I hard.

SOL in MD is 3 years I believe. When was the last time you paid on this account?

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