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help midland financial and their mediator?

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im not sure where to start but here goes, i received a voice mail that said the following, "This notification is for Sandra Purifoy I am contacting you in regards to an order to process to be facilitate in _______ County Court. we will begin to pursue you immediately based on allegations of fraud and theft that you immediate response is required with this office. You can reach me directly at _______. " is what she said not illegal to say on a voicemail?
so today the same number called and to begin with the lady had a very bad attitude told me i was yelling when i was not, she proceeded to tell me she was calling on behalf of midland financial and that they had filed a suit against me and my wages were to be garnished unless i wanted to make payment arrangements with them. Ok first things first it was a payday loan from 2008, has the statute of limitations not taken effect? I live in arkansas and ive read its 5 years. also if a judgement already has been against me, how can they ask me to make arrangements with them so my check won't be garnished? ive also paid for a reverse phone lookup and cannot find an owner of this phone number.
Hoping someone can help me, I'm almost certain they are trying to scare me but just wanted to ask for some advice and maybe what to say to them. thanks in advance.

Midland Financial is a collection company, but also is a junk buyer of old debts. What you need to do the next time they call you, is have a tape recorder and your phone on speaker--in other words, RECORD THE WHOLE CONVERSATION. You stated "the same number called and to begin with the lady had a very bad attitude", if they did, this is a federal violation according to the Fair Debts Collections Practice Act. The best thing for you to do is to go buy a digital tape recorder, then when they call, be totally nice, and let them be the ass. Tell them you need to get some info and help and leave it at that. and let them talk, recording the whole thing. Then, contact the FTC and file a complaint against them. https:// www(dot) 26panel1-8#crnt or call the FTC at 1-800-FTC-HELP. I have before and they were very helpful. Good Luck.

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Don't get scared by their bullying tactics.

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Check with your court to see if a complaint has actually been filed against you.

There is a debt buyer known as Midland Funding. It is NOT called Midland Financial, so this might be a scam.

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If required talk to a lawyer.

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Ryan Miller Ryan Miller

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They are trying to scare you. Don't talk to them. Don't recognize the debt. If they keep calling you, then make a complaint against them, to the State's Attorney General.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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my biggest issue with it is that its 10 years old, and i ask for some sort of documentation and was flat out told they didnt have any they just worked for midland
..i mean should they not have something to prove their claim

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sandra purifoy sandra purifoy

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i also checked my credit report they are not listed

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sandra purifoy sandra purifoy

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If you haven’t paid in 10 years, the debt is probably time-barred for collection in your state. Tell them to eat dirt.
If you can, block the number on your phone.

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