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I got a letter from Mitchell N. Kay today on a $300 debt. I had sent Plaza a letter requesting proof they owned it and never got a response, now his other business is writing me.

The part I find illegal is that the address says:

Law Offices of Mitchell N. Kay P.C.
PO Box 9123
Newton MA, 02459-9123

He is not a Massachusetts attorney and I don't think he is an attorney at all anymore. Should I send another validation letter to the New York address or should I just rip it up and ignore them? What else should I do?

I searched the name and nothing came up. You might call him up and ask for his license number and what states he is licensed in. You could also report him to the MA Bar Assoc. It is a very small debt. If it is legit then I would just settle it.

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You might want to perform a search on this site for that name. Also a google search, it seems quite a few people have some experience dealing with this company. Definitely get confirmation of them being legal and able to do business in your state. Before paying them off make sure you arrange to get a letter stating the account is paid in full. That way if anything comes up later, you have something to go back to

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