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Does anyone know about these folks? They state they are a collection agency under the counsel of Rose and Scrogan.


I found this info on the BBB website. They are based in Louisville, KY but have an address in NY.

Morgan & Pottinger PSC
120 E. Market Street (502) 589-2780
New Albany, IN 47150

They've only had 1 complaint against them in the past 36 months and it was resolved, so they have a satisfactory record with the BBB. You can send them a written debt validation letter via certifed mail/return receipt requested if they won't give you any info over the phone.

There's a debt validation template letter you can use to send to them. You'll need to personalize it to meet your needs, but it will help you compose the letter.

Morgan & Pottinger PSC
133 W. Short Street (502) 589-2780
Lexington, KY 40507

Additional Telephone Numbers
(812) 948-0008

(859) 253-1900

Sub: #1 posted on Mon, 10/30/2006 - 09:24

Tiffany99 Tiffany99

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If the company has called you on phone, they are legally supposed to send the written info about the debt within five business days. You should get something in your mail within this time or else, send a debt validation letter.

Send the letter through certified mail with return receipt requested. Keep a copy of the letter in your folder so that you have enough proof of your actions and steps taken to resolve this matter.

Sub: #2 posted on Mon, 10/30/2006 - 09:32

IncredibleHelp IncredibleHelp

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The address which you have provided is not the address in which they gave? So do I go witht he address in wwhich they gave?

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Paige Paige

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What address did they give you, just out of curiousity? I guess to be safe, you could send a letter to the address they gave you as well as the one I found on the BBB site, just to make sure it gets to the right dept.

Sub: #4 posted on Mon, 10/30/2006 - 10:09

Tiffany99 Tiffany99

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204 E. Market St.
Louisville, KY. 40202

Sub: #5 posted on Mon, 10/30/2006 - 10:17

Paige Paige

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In that case, I will send the letter to both the addresses. Get them sign after they receive it.

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orake orake

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Morgan & Pottinger is a group of scum bag attorneys. Don't use them for anything!

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Morgan & Pottinger is a group of scum bag attorneys who prey on people having a hard time of paying their bills. The only thing they are interested is making their money.

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Interesting. If you google the 204 E Market St address, it comes up with a Dolworths Office Furniture. If you call the listed number, they answer it Dolworths Office Group. I'd say it's a scam.

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Hey you guys, I am from Louisville, there is no Morgan & Pottinger at 204 E Market St. There is nothing there but an antique furniture store. I too want to know how you find these scumbags, that is why I went down there.

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