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Does anyone know about these folks? They state they are a collection agency under the counsel of Rose and Scrogan.


Originally Posted by Anonymous
Do they still occupy this office to date (June 27th 2010). I received a letter from them for a debt that is 9 years old. Can they even do anything with tis debt? The interest rate has grown 10 hundred times the original debt. I would have to sell my kids to pay it.

unless this is for a student loan,or is past the SOL.send them a DV letter certified mail return receipt.then watch them dissappear.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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If you make an agreement w/ them and don't pay they will levie your bank out and wipe it out, you will then have fees from your bank that will place you in a negative. They get approval from the courts for garnishment on your account, then they said it to every bank in the area to find you.

Always remember, according to my husband who is a debt collector, always ask them to show you proof of your signature approving/accepting the debt, example, your signature on a credit card application. If they can't furnish you this, they have no ground to stand on. anything older than 7 yrs they can't collect on, unless you start making pmts and that will start the 7 yrs over.

My mom has been jobless for 2+ years when the company that she had been employeed w/ for 22 yrs shut their door. She told them that she wanted to pay her debt, the Christian thing to do, but umemployment ran out, she has no funds.. they sucked her dry!!!!

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different counties have different requirements for providing proof of debt... not all counties require an application for a judgement to be granted.

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I'm dealing with these scumbags now. I was divorced at the time of a credit card debt in 2003. I've since remarried and since I'm on my husband's bank acct although I am unemployed at the time they have gotten a judgement to garnish his acct for MY debt. I hadn't been contacted or anything but they still did this. I called to try and arrange payments and they refused and kept trying to twist my words around that I was refusing to pay when what I was saying was I could pay 1/2 now and wanted to arrange payments. Disgusting people.

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BEWARE!!! They are liars and crooks...I know this because I was young and stupid and got stuck by them. Four years of paying 50 dollars a month and only paid 200 dollars towards the balance in that time. For you math wizards that's $1800 paid over the four year period.

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I sent two payments in Sept. They held my check and garnished my bank account. When I called, they said they never recieved my check therefor it was never sent. The day after they wiped out my checking account, low and behold !!!! they cashed my check. When I called them, they said that the money had been put toward my next two payments. I ask for something in writing to this effect, but they said they could not get that personal with all their clients. Today was the day the payment would have been due IF they had not cashed my check and applied it to the next two payments. Next one due on Jan. 15. Guess what! The man I spoke to said that the payment was due today. When I told him HE had said it was not due again until Jan. 15, he said he would adjust their records. But could not sent any paperwork. His name is BILL. That is my story and I believe that they are as previously stated liars and crooks.

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I am wondering just how to handle these people as well. They called and offered to set up a payment plan on a capital one debt on which the card has been closed for 2 years. They called first about 4 months ago. When I told them we were having to move out of our home because my husband was not working, the agent said I could call back to make arrangements. Now we have moved in with family and he is still out of work and they called this week and threatened to sue me unless I paid the balance in the next 2 months!! They said the balance was $1300 on a debt that started out at appx $700. Can they do this with the interest?! She said they are charging me $0.25 per day in interest. Even if I can pay $20 per pay check (which I might barely be able to scrape by) this will defeat the purpose of trying pay down the balance!! She didn't care that I have kids to take care of either, she just said - matter-of-factly, "Oh well, if you don't pay us then we can garnish your wages for up to 25% of what you make." I really hope she never has to worry about feeding kids and her husband losing hisr job. I wonder if they know how hopless they make people feel. Didnt they ever learn that you catch more flies with sugar than you do with shit?!

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Has anyone been sued by them? I recently got a letter stating that I owe twice the about of an old debt. Obviously I am unable to pay it b/c I'm an unemployed college student. The debt is from 2006. Just wondering what they could possibly do to me since I've got NOTHING.

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Their office is located in the back - on the little road that goes up behind the firehouse there at the corner.

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They just double charged me for what I owed and I am furious!!

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