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I started receiving calls yesterday from an anonymous, intentionally blocked number. I do not answer blocked numbers. A few minutes later, my employer informed me that a person had called the front desk claiming that there was a complaint against me and that I needed to call 1-866-716-2078. To satisfy my curiosity, I called it and asked who they are. The man on the phone told me they are "National". After asking once more they said they are "National Litigation" calling because of a payday loan from Advance America I had taken out back in 2009 that was not paid back. He then proceeded to tell me that the company is threatening to sue in court for non-payment and intent to defraud, and if I pay immediately over the phone or make a payment plan, the court proceedings will be stopped. I told them that I will have to get help from family and will have to call back. He then tried to set up a payment arrangement, which I did unfortunately, until I can get help.

I have tried to get a mailing address from these people and they will not give it to me because "it's a security risk for our employees". I also asked for a website and they said they don't have one. These people say they are not debt collector but they are a litigation company. I haven't received anything in the mail from them or anything stating that there was a complaint filed against me even though they have my current address.

Has anyone else heard of National Litigation? Everything so far points to this being a scam in my opinion.

it is a scam.the excuses as to why they don't give out their address are asinine.cancel that payment,and inform your boss and front desk that this is a scam,and to just take a meesage and throw it out.btw fraud is a crime and crminal action is prohibited in every again cancel the payment,and report this place to your local police.then ignore future calls.did i mention they were a scam.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Also, if during this payment arrangement you gave them any banking info, check numbers, anything of that nature get those accounts closed and open new ones. Once they have your info they will access it willy nilly.

Sub: #2 posted on Tue, 10/15/2013 - 08:33

goldenbast goldenbast
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