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I unfortunately got scared by national enterprises systems. I am 60 years old and a widower and was afraid they would take me to court and . I other things. I told them I could only afford 75 dollars a month to be taken out my bank account unfortunalely I am about to lose my home to foreclosure and I would like to stop payment to them or lessen it a whole lot. I am afraid if I call them they will record me on the phone, Is there any way I can stop the deduction from them and write a letter to them without going to jail or getting a garnishment in my paycheck. I live in the state of virginia


First of all, you won't go to jail even if you don't pay off debt. They can't garnish your paycheck without receiving judgment from the court. Okay.

You can have a talk with the bank and stop the auto debit. Basically, you have to revoke the ACH authorization. May I know how much you owe to them? Who is the original creditor?

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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Revoke the ACH authorization. Talk to the bank to do that. Did you receive any judgment from the court?

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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