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I am receiving numerous phone calls from a collection called Nationwide
acting as ADR? Has anyone heard of them? I have a phone number but
I need an address to send them a cease & desist letter. I was able to
get a fax number out of them but they would not give me their address.

I had a payday loan with Biggest Cash in which I paid the loan back
with their numerous fees. Now I am being harrassed by this company
called Nationwide. They are calling my place of employment and my
mother's home and my cell phone.

Please can someone help me.

I have their phone number as 877-316-8280 fax 888-545-0321

Thank you

What state are you in? Biggest Cash isn't even licensed to lend in most states.

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Ifound two at the BBB. If they are calling and harassing you the chances are slim to none they are even licensed to do so, besides, they are required by federal law (FDCPA) to send you a letter of collection via the mail within five days of their first initial contact with you, and that is what I would tell them, then don't speak to them again on the phone, hang up as soon as you know it's them, or don't even pick up the phone if it's not a number you recognize. Tell your employer you are receiving phone calls from a 'so called' debt collector' that is trying to collect on a debt you know nothing about, and you are a victim who has no control over these calls. File a complaint with the FTC, BBB and your attorney general's office, you can do so online very easily, and it's important that you do so, this way you can inform your employer that you are doing everything within your power to stop this.

Nationwide Collection Agency
7001 Peachtree Industrial Blvd Ste 320
Norcross, GA 30092-6637

Nationwide Collection Agency 29299 Franklin Rd.
Southfield, MI 48076

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Shazzers Shazzers
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I am in New Jersey

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dm114 dm114

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Originally Posted by Shazzers
What state are you in? Biggest Cash isn't even licensed to lend in most states.

I am in new jersey

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dm114 dm114

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Originally Posted by dm114
I am in new jersey

Payday loans are prohibited in your state, see the link below:

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Obviously they are attempting to collect on an illegal debt, and you already paid it off anyways! Just tell the collection attorney he is attempting to collect on an illegal debt and you are going to file complaints against him asap, and PLEASE follow through! CLICK HERE to find out how to deal with illegal lenders.

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they won't stop calling me either - they even called my parents who live 1500 miles away - i wish i could find out exactly the street and building they're running their scam from ... said i had a payday loan deposit from good times cash on August 3, 2009; strange, i closed that account July of 2009 - they're preying on people

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then stop taking payday loans out dipsh1t !

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John Marks-get a life other than these boards. Its people like you than give the entire country a bad name. If I get ahold of people like you, you will regret it. Take your crap elsewhere-not needed or wanted here. If your life and finances are so freaking perfect then what are you doing here other than harrassing decent people who need help from scum like you

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I know this an older post but I have started receiving calls from ADR as well for a debt I do not owe. I contacted a law firm and this was the result:

This window requires Javascript support. Please enable scripting. [Representative 3] Hello.
[Visitor] Good afternoon
[Visitor] I have just sent a free case review and was wondering if I should talk to you in chat or wait to hear back from the revies
[Visitor] review rather
[Representative 3] Of course.
[Visitor] The company that I am dealing with is called ADR Nationwide.
[Representative 3] Alright. Have they been calling you?
[Visitor] Several times a day from a blocked number, but only left two messages.
[Visitor] The first message stated that I need to call them back immediately so they can verify my US address and phone number and that charges have been filed against me. And that I am only being given one chance to call back.
[Visitor] At the end of the message she states that I have been officially notified before ending the call
[Visitor] I have never heard of these people nor have I received letters from them.
[Visitor] The second messages was sent via urgent stating that I have been told what the charges are being filed against me, I have not and I must call them now to settle this. And that this is my final warning. Then ended the call.
[Representative 3] Give me a moment while I research the Defendant
[Visitor] Thank you
[Representative 3] I do not see them in our database. Do you happen to have a phone number from them?
[Visitor] 877-548-4064. Her name is Brenda Taylor
[Visitor] She gave me a claim number of 116686
[Representative 3] give me a moment while I research the defendant
[Visitor] Thank you.
[Representative 3] I called the number and they are Nationwide.
[Visitor] Okay.
[Representative 3] But they are refusing to give me more information. Let me check another place. Give me a moment
[Visitor] The first message they left me stated they were ADR Firm. Leading me to believe they are lawyers. It was the second message left that stated they were Nationwide.
[Representative 3] I'm having difficulty locating them. This leads me to believe that they may be a "scam" company.
[Visitor] That does not sound good. I have read posts on google about their collection processes.
[Representative 3] Usually, debt collection companies have to disclose their name when they are called. Also, most of the big collection companies are members of the ACA. Regretfully, I cannot find them there either.
[Visitor] What is the best way for me to deal with them?
[Representative 3] I would suggest not revealing any information to them until you receive a letter with a valid U.S. address.
[Visitor] I have changed my phone number yesterday so I not wish to call them in case they have caller ID. Should I not contact them at all then?
[Representative 3] Valid debt collectors must send you a letter within 5 days from the initial telephone calls. Most if not all of the real companies do. I would wait and see.
[Visitor] Okay. They started calling since the beginning of last week. At least I am assuming so since that is when the unlisted number started calling. I will wait to see if I get a letter from them.
[Representative 3] Good luck and if you do receive a letter, please contact us so we may help you.

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