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Don't understand letter from NCO Financial

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My daughter has also been struggling to pay her bills. She has had a Capital One card she has been past due on for quite some time (maybe a year or two) but we do not know the exact amount. She started getting crazy calls from NCO Financial. They were calling all the time! I finally sent them a debt validation letter and also requested, under the Fair Debt Collection Act, that all further communication be in writing and no phone calls.

Rather than getting a letter validating the debt, we got a letter from NCO saying they are closing their files on this matter. In the subject line, it listed "Capital One."

What do you think this means? If they closed their account, does this mean Capital One may be getting ready to sue her? They didn't even bother to validate the debt.

I would appreciate any insight anyone has.

Thanks. :)

i would try to contact CAPITOL ONE.either they are goung to get it back,or NCO which is a bottomfeeder going to sell it to another CA.i would contact CAPITOL ONE first.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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yes nco is a joke they dont file lawsuits but do contact the original creditor keep the letter for reference

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procollect69 procollect69

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I had the very same thing happen to me....Cap1 collections from NCO, I send them a DV letter..then they send me a letter sying the file is closed and that they did not report anything on my credit. Must be their normal response since they cannot validate!!

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