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My ex wife received a phone call from a person claiming to be a litigator and that I needed to call them at once or they would send an office to my work place. I called them, it was regarding a payday loan with Bayside cash. The original loan amount was 500, I paid a couple hundred on it but could not afford it anymore. This was over a year ago. I have never received any paperwork regarding the bill. Bayside sold it to Pike financial and they cahrged it off. The guy said he represents Northern Resolution Group. I thought it was legit cause I wanted to pay the bill. I set up monthly payments for the balance. 2 days later my back called me and said that someone tried to make 5 purchases and they declined it. I did not make these. After research I thought I was scammed so I had the first payment with ncw billing (the company taking the payments). Now they claim that I need to get something resolved or they would file Bank Fraud charges on me. I have no intentions of committing fraud, and not sure what to do. They told me their office here in town was at a certain address, that address doesn't exist. So I am thinking they are trying to scam me

this is a them to your AG,AND THE FTC.bottomfeeders like to use the fraud threat them and ignore them.btw it sounds like they are a id theft phishing scam as the five attempts to purchase are proof of that.the only fraud is by these scammers.again report and ignore.

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