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What to do if I receive Northstar Location Services settlement letter

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Northstar Location Services, Cheektowaga NY

I read somewhere that these people from Northstar Location Services were bottom feaders in the collection world. well I recieved a collection letter from Northstar Location Services about 4 weeks ago and sent them back a debt verification letter. Today I was suprised to recieve a northstar location services settlement letter with a photocopy of the original contract signed by me, the payment history, the sell date for the vehicle (it was a repo).

So I want to know how they got this information if Northstar Location Services are not a legit collection agency and what do I do now? I do not have $7000, heck I don't have $50 right now. This bill goes back to 2004 and I have not heard from Ford or any collection agency since 2005 and have made no payments since the fall of 2004 Any ideas would be helfpul

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I would think it best to make certain that Northstar Location Services can collect on this without a doubt and also to make clear their relationship to the original creditor. You can accomplish this by sending Northstar Location Services a debt validation letter (you can find a good template via my signature) be sure to send the enclosure with it, certified mail, return receipt requested.

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Sounds to me like this is a legit debt if Northstar Location Services were able to provide documentation that it does indeed belong to you.

Just because a collection agency buys debt doesn't make them a non-legit company.

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Hi. It sounds like Northstar Location Services have provided validation (JCMT, the OP did send a DV). Did the paperwork include a complete breakdown of all the charges? Did it include how much they sold the car for? You can also go through the contract carefully and make sure that whatever they are tacking on in fees, interest, etc, are listed in the contract and therefore legal. You need to check and see if this company follows your state????????s collection laws (like having a license or a surety bond).

You also should check your states Statute of Limitations, since you haven????????t made a payment in almost 4 years it could be either past or close to the SOL, which means Northstar Location Services can????????t sue you for the debt.

If everything is on the up and up and you simply have no method of paying it, the only other thing you could do is ignore it and hope they don????????t sue. I would be careful about payment arrangement as well if you are seriously strapped for cash, as it is a sad fact that a CA will eagerly accept even the smallest payment because this would bring the account back into SOL and then they could turn right around and sue you. So you need to consider all your options carefully. You should pay this off as soon as you are able, but perhaps try for a pay for delete or a settlement (you can get it reduced to only a fraction of the original cost, but make sure you do this with an agreement that the account will be considered paid in full.

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I do have one question what if I sent them a letter saying I didn't want to work with Northstar Location Services but the original creditor, would that give me time?

Like most right now I am struggling to get my mortgage and current car payment made. I hate the fact that this debt still hangs over my head from a time in my life that was not good. I do know that I won't re-start it by making payment arrangments because at any given time I might or might not be able to make the payment. If they do sue me then I can file a slow pay with the court but I pray it doesn't come to that

The SOL for my state is 6 years across the board, would that be from date of last payment made?

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Northstar Location Services did send a break down of the payments made and a copy of the original laon document although they are so small in print I can't read them. They also sent the document from when they sold the car at auction and what the balance was afterwards

abd of course they have a nice big ole license to do business in my state, I checked

Sounds like I am screwed

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So does anyone have any ideas in regards to my above question

do have one question what if I sent them a letter saying I didn't want to work with them but the original creditor, would that give me time?

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Well chances are Northstar Location Services own the debt so you won't be able to work with the creditor. However there is a chance. Call the creditor and find out.

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I am on social security disability & have a very limited income. I went on a medical leave in Feb 2006 & could not return to work. I had purchased a 2005 Chev Aveo in Sept of 2005 & when I lost my job in 2006 I had to let my car go back. Last summer someone from Capitol One (original creditor) called me & I explained my situation with my health problems & why I had to let my car go back. He said he was going to put in that I get a medical write off because this was not my fault. I never heard anything until this yr from Northstar & I've got two different amounts from them that I owe. Is there a law if no one contacts you for several months that it automatically is dropped? Someone told me they thought there was. There's no way I can repay this. Is there any suggestions??

Very bewildered!!!

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No, the debt remains valid until paid. But depending on where you live the time frame for collecting the court by use of the court is limited.

Contact Capital One and see what happened to your account, ask if it was sold to an agency.

Send Northstar Location Services a debt validation letter asking for proof that they are authorize to collect this debt and how they arrived at the amount owed.

Also if you are only receiving SS your money is safe it is illegal to take.

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Regardless of Statute of Limitations, once you acknowledge the debt, they can start the clock over from the date you acknowledge the debt. After statue is up, they can't sue nor update it on your credit report. They can, however, continue to call and pursue the issue with you. You can stop the calls from this by sending a cease and desist notice among a few other things. Read up on the collection laws for your state.

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